Discovering The Top 10 Most Popular Anime Series of All-Time (Part 2)

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Welcome back to part 2, where the most popular anime of all time is gathered. Let’s watch together the last five anime names named below.

6. Attack on Titan Anime – 2009

Look no further if you’re seeking an epic, dramatic anime with a compelling plot. One of the most well-known anime series, Attack on Titan, features both huge action sequences and a compelling story. Tragic situations and scenes abound throughout it. Your heart will probably break a lot watching this drama because so many of the characters give their life to save the human race.
Attack on Titan transports us to a world where humanity is in danger of being extinct. It is an adaptation of the acclaimed manga series of the same name. Humans have been compelled to hide behind vast walls by the terrifying and enormous beasts known as Titans. These titans enjoy eating human flesh rather than needing it. They become much more dreadful as a result.
attack on titan - Gear Anime
Since they have been residing behind walls for the past 100 years, humans don’t anticipate any intrusions. But when a giant breaks the outer wall, their peaceful existence is over. The narrative centers on Eren Yeager and his two comrades as they risk their lives to thwart the man-eating monsters.
7. Sailor Moon Anime – 1991
Sailor Moon is the movie to watch if you want humor, romance, tragic moments, and terrific music. There is a good mix of romance and humor, and it works! The characters in this story are extremely relatable! In many respects, they are endearing, likable, and relatable.
This show may come across as juvenile (mainly due to the voices in the dubbed version), yet it actually deals with many serious topics, including violence, sexuality, and numerous relationship troubles. According to many fans, the English dubbed version of this anime series should be avoided. Because the voice acting in the original Japanese version is significantly superior, it is advised that you watch it with subtitles.
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In Sailor Moon, a typical adolescent girl’s life is flipped upside down when she discovers her destiny. It is revealed that the girl is intended to guard the world as a planetary guardian. She is now known as Sailor Moon the Warrior. To save the Earth, she must form alliances with the other Sailor Soldiers.
8. Fullmetal Alchemist Anime – 2001
Two brothers strive to revive their mother in the manga and anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Alchemy’s fundamental rule states that a person must surrender something of equal value in order to obtain something else.
Because of this, one of the brothers loses an arm while the other loses his complete body (his soul becomes bonded into a suit of armor). Soon after, the brothers discover the Philosopher Stone’s existence and capacity to defy alchemical rules. Our heroes make the decision to go on a mission to obtain that stone. As they move forward, they become more and more aware that they are being sucked into a far bloodier conflict than they had first thought.
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As you may have suspected, this series is part of the shounen subgenre of anime, which is quite popular and geared toward teenage boys. They frequently have a male lead which sets out on a perilous expedition. In contrast to much other shounen, Fullmetal Alchemist really has a more rich and more sophisticated plot.
It differs from many other works in this genre since it is set in a fictionalized world that is set in the early 20th century in Europe. For both seasoned anime watchers and those who are new to the medium, this action/fantasy anime is a must-see!
9. Sword Art Online Anime – 2012
Give Sword Art Online! a try if you’re looking for an anime series with stunning animation and unforgettable characters. In this series, the animation and audio are both incredibly great. Although it may not have the ideal pacing and its problems, it is still enjoyable and will keep you intrigued.
The narrative centers on Kirito, a young man who becomes trapped in Sword Art Online’s vast online game, which is set in the future. He ends up being one of the fortunate gamers with early access to the game. He checks in to the game’s scary enemies and medieval weapons-filled setting.
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It certainly sounds intriguing for gamers. But the young player quickly discovers that he must finish all 100 levels in order to exit the game. The game has now lost its joy and excitement. It has become a really risky situation. Players who pass away in the virtual world also pass out in the real world. To survive, Kirito and his supporters will stop at nothing.
10. Demon Slayer Anime – 2016
The breaking of records For those who have been following the series up to this point, Demon Slayer’s recent popularity should come as no surprise. Every single episode of Demon Slayer is dependably remarkable because of its beautiful artwork, flawless animation that never detracts from it, amazing visual effects that bring the epic battles to life, and a fantastic soundtrack that emphasizes all of the show’s emotional high moments.
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In addition, Demon Slayer will make you laugh aloud because of the outrageous ridiculousness of characters like Inosuke and Zentisu. It will also likely make you cry because of the serious themes of loss and family.
The above compilation is based on personal opinion only. We believe that there is many other anime that is also extremely popular and leave their mark in the hearts of every anime fan. Because of that, you can create your own anime collection here.
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